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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yo momma's so ugly,
they didn't give her a costume when she auditioned for Star Wars.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Guitar student songs

When im not writing and recording Ribbon Device material
Im teaching guitar, bass, piano, drums, songwriting and
recording skills to a bunch of young & inspired musicians.

During lessons I like to, not only teach my students how
to master their instrument, but also how to write and
record their own material.

So let me introduce to you three very talented students
and give you a chance to listen to their material.

Firstly there is Tom Whelan. Tom is a guitarist/
songwriter his style is a cross between the Pixies, AC DC
and Sci fi. The amazing thing about Tom is that he is only
10 years old! We can only wonder what he will be writing
when he is 20! Click here to check out Tom Whelan's
look to the right of the page under Mat Creedons
Guitar Students.

Next is Rory Alexander. Rory has been has been
studying with me for about 5 years and his skill as a
guitarist is amazing! Rory's songwriting style is melodic
rock and it certainly shows in this piece titled "Hostility
Prevailing" Like Tom, Rory is only 14 years old, amazing
stuff! Click here to check out Rory Alexander's work.

Lastly is Imogen. Imogen is one of my mature students
who is now working as a music thearpist. I had the great
pleasure of helping her produce her first album. Imogen
has a beautiful intimacy to her sound that really shines
on her track "The Lizard". Click here to check out Imogen's work.

How to make a hothouse out of old CD cases with out glue!

A little while ago I needed to make a hothouse to get my
seedlings growing during the winter months. Being a
green friendly and frugal kind of a guy Istarted to look
around the house to see what I could reuse or recycle.

Months earlier my wife and I condensed our CD music
library by up loadingit onto our computers and then
taking them out of their plastic cases. Of course we have
a large collection so naturally we had a lot of useless
plastic cases now lying around.

It then dawned on me that the plastic CD cases where
perfect for the job. The clear plastic allowed plenty of
light and the space in between cases would trap the
warm air.

The only problem to solve was how to connect them.
Obviously sticky tape or glue would be fine for the job
but having played with plenty of lego as a child I knew
there was a better way.

The CD cases are easily connectable using their simple
door hinge design. All you do is take out the CD tray
(where the CD sits) and... Hang on just the watch the
youtube and you can see for yourself.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

You have to spend money to make money.

What's that old saying, you have to spend money to make money.

Well yeah I guess that might be true and with that thought traveling
around in my head I walked straight into deal full of half truths
and people saying things that were to good to be true.

Being naive I fell for that old trick "don't worry just write it off
on tax". What they don't tell you is that if you business isn't making
any money then you wont see a cent until it does.

Then as you buy one thing they just keep coming back a telling you
that what you paid for was not their whole service just the membership
and now you need to fork a couple of thousand more for the book keeping

And when you tell them there is nothing, they ignore it and keep
sendingin other business looking for more meat to pick from the

So now Im in debt up to my neck and I cant believe my stupidity.
Im now wondering what I can do if anything to regain some of that
money back.

For the time being Im working as a pizza cook and delivery to keep
the wolves from the door.

I still have plans to get back out there this year and play some
Ribbon Device shows and finish the second full length album. Yet
for the time being I think its nose down and make money.

Im still looking to make a living from my craft but its not like
there are jobs for songwriters & composer's. Well maybe there are
and Im not looking in the right place's.

So in conclusion I apologies for the distance between Ribbon Device
tracks and I wish I was back in the throws of writing and recording.

But for the moment Im happy to keep busy and not think to hard about
time being wasted.

If anyone knows of any paid composing jobs please let me know!