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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I dread the summer holidays, why I hear you ask?
Well for me work stops and so does the weekly paycheques.
And this summer I had really got myself into a bad position.
Just before christmas I maxed out my credit card opening
a new online store, hoping to get some pre christmas sales.
I should have known, there is no such thing as fast money.

So with hungry mouths to feed I hit the streets busking with the sitar
(strange looking Indian version of the guitar) and a 15watt
pignose amp. The sitar attracted lots of attention as I had hoped,
lots of people wanted to know about this exotic looking instrument
yet gave little in return.

I soon realised buskers have come along way since I was a
14 year old playing christmas songs at the local supermarket.
Most professional buskers work with a car battery powered PA
system, a lot more powerful than a 15 watt amp I can tell you.
And they have a money making repertoire honed over years of
trial and error. These buskers know what they are doing!

So with no money to spend on a bigger sound system I set to work
honing a repertoire and by luck I found a gardening job to feed us.
Sadly by the time I had memorised a handful of songs I was back at
work. Determined not to let the repertoire go to waste I recorded a
youtube version of Imagine by John Lennon on the sitar.

So here it is and please tip generously!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

New song Buffalo Bug

We are proud to announce the grand opening of our own online music
store "Buffalo Bug". Woohoo! We have added more inspired books
on music, instruments and studio gear than you can poke a stick at!
And because we dont have to pay rent on a shop front everything is

cheap, Cheap, CHEAP! Sorry did not say that loud enough, CHEAP!!!
Check it out by clicking on: Buffalobug.com

While you are there checking out all the cool stuff you might as well
check out the new Ribbon Device song (cough, jingle) "Buffalo Bug".
Inspired by our last trip Geelong, where all we had to listen to was
a jammed tape in the cassette player. One side Led Zeppelin the other
side Ravi Shankar.

1. Check it out by clicking on "Buffalo Bug"
2. Scroll down to find the The Ribbon Device widget
3. And click on the song tab.

Also for those of you who will be in the city of Melbourne over the summer holidays,
I will be sitar busking around South Bank and Swanston St. So dont be a stranger
be sure to tip generously! Haha

Cheese Mat