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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The latest Ribbon Device Blog
The Ribbon Device play tonight at the Thornbury Theatre!

The Ribbon Device play tonight at the Thornbury Theatre

The Ribbon Device will playing at the Thornbury theatre tonight going under the name the "Sitar All Stars". We will be playing apart of the Los Vega's styled show "The Last Greatest Show On Earth".
It is a benefit concert to support a music program at the John Cade psychiatric unit at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. The money raised will go to musical instruments, a juke box, and the hire of music therapist for a year. I know if I ever end up there I would much rather play instruments and listen to records than sit around reading woman's day.
The show has been put on by the amazing Julie "Monty" Montan, the same girl who put on the Muppet show at the Thornbury theatre, last year. Anyone who attended that show will attest how super amazing that show was. This time around she has put together an army of 60+ musicians, impersonators, dancers, magicians, & other mind bending treats.
Here is a more detailed list of tonight's entertainment:
Freddie Mercury and Queen, Dean Martin, Cher, Liberace and more. There are so many highlights - I cant list them all. The Tivoli Lovelies from the Tivoli Theatre circa 1940 will be making a very rare and very special appearance. Starlet Simone Page Jones is playing an opera singing lion, Sunny Leunig is the Magosopher, Justin Marshall on Vibraphone, Shags Chamberlain and the Atomic Explosions, Geoff O'Connor and Jessica Venables will tie the knot at the chapel at the end of the universe. Super Wild Horses will tell your fortune, Viva Las Luscombe etc. etc, etc.
One night only
Only one night left on earth
Departing at 6.30pm
$25 pre sale
you can get here
$35 at the door

I hope I will be seeing you in Vegas

Monday, March 19, 2012

"The Last Greatest Show on Earth"
STOP PRESS: Due to circumstances ENTIRELY beyond our control, our show at the Regal Ballroom on March 25th will now be at the Thornbury Theatre 859 High St Thornbury. Doors have been brought forward to 6.30PM for the show at 7.30PM. We apologise for the confusion, matters were completely out of our hands. X

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The latest Ribbon Device album "The Soft Pedal"

Latest Ribbon Device album news

The latest Ribbon Device album "The Soft Pedal" is nearly finished!
Its been a long recording process this time around and a lot care has been taken in the songwriting and production. 5 years in total which is not something Im proud of, there were just a lot unexpected adventures along the way. Most of the album has been recorded by myself which was not something I intentionally set out to do, but shortly after the release of my last album "Saturation Day" everyone got busy doing their own projects and we all went our separate ways. Although the incredibly talented Mim is still playing bass & mixing a few tracks. Bar came in and blew some horn, while new comer Joel laid down a couple drum tracks.
Currently Im in the mixing stages, knee deep in reel to reels & plenty of outboard gear. I hope to get a second pair of ears into help me out but Im so used to the DIY approach these days that I don't like to sit around and wait. The album art work is being done by the amazingly talented Shane Van Den Akker, who is currently in hospital due to his diabetes. Nonetheless Shane has reassured me that all things are going to plan & I have no doubt in his abilities to pull it off. The pages I have so far look amazing! Here is one of the illustrations for the song "Surrender" The album will be released independently through my label Nincompoop Records & available through www.theribbondevice.com, CD Baby, & itunes. I will be keeping up regular weekly blogs so that nothing falls through the cracks. cheers Mat

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Ribbon Device is playing a special show under the name the "Sitar All Stars" at the Regal Ballroom on the 25th of March as apart of the "The last greatest show on earth". Get in fast because this one is gonna sellout! http://ping.fm/cSkDj